Ragnekai Moons, Book Two Of The Old Wounds Trilogy is out now!

Hungry Wanderers

Manbung Beef Pie


<No text as it would be a spoiler for Book Two - excellent recipe!>

Gayna's pie (Cuthbert's Cave)


"Sig followed and laid down a pie that gave off the most wonderful aroma."

Arth's Wish


"Wish the Ever-Father would bless me now with some roast lamb shank and warm mead."

Ragnekai Moons, book two of The Old Wounds trilogy

<lamb shank bought from The Meat Guy, excellent meat delivery in Japan - click on image to access their web-site>

Quint's Stew


"The broth her father was tending was bubbling away now and sent an irresistible aroma of thyme wafting through the air. Emiren quickened her pace, eager to join her family and that wonderful scent. Quint looked up.

“I knew you’d come if I started cooking.” He winked." 

Ragnekai Winds, pt1 ch3, book one of The Old Wounds trilogy