Allies & Friends

Stephanie Diaz

Stephanie again did such a fine job with the proof-reading and once more, I learnt a lot about the writing process in general from her. Please take a look at her stylish web-site.

Karin Wittig

Karin came up with another wonderful cover. A great contrast to ragnekai Winds. Please check out the rest of her gorgeous art-work!

Robert Altbauer

Robert zoomed in on the north-east of Ragnekai for me with this map. Please take a moment to visit his site. Some incredible maps there!


Due to my wardrobe not being exactly extensive or particularly stylish, I do like to get a few geeky t-shirts. Also serves as an ice-breaker down the pub.

Bescon Dice

I chanced upon this company whilst looking for some Xmas presents. Ordered some dice and they really are like something from an inn out in a forgotten realm.